Retrotax TCID API's uses a token-based authentication system. Retrotax assigns an API Key for your application and also username and password each for hiring manager and new hire employee.
Signing In

For authenticating with the TCID API's you will need to send a request to the authentication API.

Sample HTTP Request:

POST /authentication/ HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
X-API-KEY: yqvNrVR5Cs6vhLq1ZRPq38GM5OrXJ7C97n4BZCJb

    "username": "hiring_manager",
    "password": "password123456"

Sample Response:

  "username": "hiring_manager",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "role": "hiring_manager",
  "auth_token": "0fd8b4f5f83eedbcca80d9ce53622792c82cbb5cc2d6576791f4022f7f4954c908ecdf92d92fbc95354603b4acc64cdd54b4c8cda3d889a8d15582d5d6c9773f",
  "preffered_language": "english",
  "help_checkbox": true,
  "client_name": "DemoAPI",
  "ccl_info": {
    "client_id": 364
  "ats_enabled": false,
  "obs_enabled": true,
  "display_label": "RetroTax"